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STARZ: The Economy Powering Multiple Activity-to-Earn Platforms

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MindMint.App - the ultimate solution for both mental and financial well-being. This innovative web3 platform incentivizes you to prioritize your health through focus-improving habits and activities. And the best part? You can earn MindMint tokens for your efforts, which can be easily swapped for stable coins. Join the movement and take control of your well-being and finances with MindMint.App.

STARZ Economy

Do what you have always been doing and get paid with STARZ

Trade & Earn is a trading and market prediction trade-to-earn platform where you will be able to make money through utilizing your trading abilities.

Play & Earn is a fantasy football play-to-earn platform where create lineups, hold online football matches, and earn money through your players’ performance.

Focus & Earn

Be the first to experience the revolution with Focus & Earn! The first-ever focus-to-earn platform, where you can improve your focus and earn rewards for personal task completion.

What is the Purpose of STARZ?


Traditional ownership and transaction systems are becoming outdated and difficult to manage. Despite the rise of NFTs and tokenization, there is still a lack of a unified ecosystem that integrates users into the Web3 world.


STARZ offers a solution to this problem through our focus on developing activity-to-earn platforms that incentivize full integration into the Web3 world through an all-in-one ecosystem. Our ecosystem is powered by the fast and cost-effective Binance Smart Chain and includes a decentralized wallet and exchange, providing users with complete control over their assets and investment security.


Invest in STARZ to become a part of our growing community and the Web3 revolution. The STARZ token serves as the core of our economy, used for rewards, payments, and investment. Our focus on community involvement and development makes our ecosystem inclusive and accessible. Join us in shaping the future of tokenization.


Business Model

Swap Fees On The Stars Platform Divided Into 4 Streams


Liquidity Providers 50%

Make Prediction And Earn On The Change In The Price Of Stars Tokens After The End Of Each Event


Base pool 5%

Make Prediction And Earn On The Change In The Price Of Stars Tokens After The End Of Each Event


Buy Back And Burn 15%

Make Prediction And Earn On The Change In The Price Of Stars Tokens After The End Of Each Event


Advanced Users 30%

Make Prediction And Earn On The Change In The Price Of Stars Tokens After The End Of Each Event

StarZ Features



STARZ runs on the Binance Smart Chain for fast, low-cost transactions. This ensures a scalable and efficient token economy.


Decentralized Wallet and Exchange

STARZ will offer a secure, decentralized platform for managing tokens through a decentralized wallet and exchange. This gives users control over assets and protects investments.


Activity-to-Earn Platforms

STARZ is developing platforms where users can earn tokens through activities like lifestyle, surveys, games, trading and more. This provides a new income source and drives ecosystem growth.


Governance Tools Of STARZ DAO And Users Votings

Create Your Own STARZ Tokens

Use STARZ As The Base Collateral Asset

Get Rewards And Farming Distributions In STARZ

30% Of Platform Fees Used In STARZ Buyback And Distribute Bought Tokens Between Advanced Users

25% Of Platform Fees Used In Buyback And Burn


Trading Competition With $300K+ Prize Pool & Airdrop!


Starlex is Live

Prize Pool $300K + Airdrop

Join hundreds of traders on and start earning by making market predictions. Visit the Starlex NFT marketplace to get started.

Latest News


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Powering Activity-to-Earn Platforms with NFTs

Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) are digital assets that live on the blockchain and contain unique identifiers and metadata that distinguish them from each other. “Non-fungible” basically means unique in the sense that it cannot be replaced by another element...


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An NFT Fantasy Football Platform

Bestarz is an NFT play-to-earn fantasy football platform based on the real-world results, in which players create a team, collect unique player cards, and participate in weekly matches concurrent to weekly football events. Players need at least 5 cards to create a formation and participate in tournaments.